If you are an individual registering to XTRM via a 3rd party company or branded signup page and your employer is not listed, please ask the 3rd party (the paying company) to add your company using the instructions below. (Send them the link to this page). If you do not have a company account, we do not recommend you create the company account yourself unless you are going to be the administrator for it. Company accounts also require approval and will be passed through a compliance process that the finance team at your company will have to complete.

These instructions are for the remitter (paying) company or a connected manager company.

Situation 1

The company already exists in XTRM but doesn't show up on your branded signup page (yourcompany.xtrm.com)

In this case, we need to connect them to your account. To do this, please email support at support@xtrm.com and request the beneficiary be connected to your account.

Situation 2

The company does not exist in XTRM.

In this case, you can add them via your admin account. This will connect them to your account, and therefore they will show up in the registration drop list and everywhere else in XTRM.

How to add connected companies when they don't already exist in XTRM.  

In order to pay companies, customers, or partners and for their company to show up in your personalized partner signup page, simple or advanced pay screens, or claims forms, they must have a company account in XTRM. Many companies are already registered, so you can search and add them. If not, you can add them yourself. Note: You do not necessarily need to add them to pay them. If they don't exist and we get payment instructions from you via batch submission or the API, an account will be automatically created. 

In order to add a connected company (partner or customer), please follow these instructions:

1.  Log in to your company account

2.  Click on "Connected" in the left menu

3.  Type the company name in the search field

4.  Search for the company, customer, or partner to see if they already have a company account.

5.  If you find them, click Connect and a notification will be sent to them to approve or decline the connection.  

6.  If you cannot find them click the "Add new connected company" button to add and fill out the details for the company.

7. The contact person you enter will receive an email branded with your logo to activate their account and set their password. You must use an email with their company domain. Consumer domains like @gmail.com or @yahoo.com are not compliant. 

8. Once they get that email, they can validate the email and will then be prompted to enter their new password, country, and mobile number. 

9. Once completed, their account will be pending approval by compliance. This approval takes up to 48 hours. Once approved, they will receive an email to tell them that they are approved, and they can then log in.

Optional Steps

After adding them, you might need to give them access to your programs if you are using external registration pages. Please contact support if you are not sure.

1.  Click on the "Settings Cog" > "Programs"

2.  Click on "Set Program Access" to add the beneficiaries you want the give access to the selected program