Company accounts can have multiple wallets in any currency, including multiple in the same currency. Many organizations will have multiple wallets for different regions, so it is highly recommended to know the wallet ID to pay the correct wallet, especially on your Mass Payment Submission files More Info.

See below for the various ways to locate a company's wallet IDs within XTRM.

1. Search for a Company or an Individual by name, and if they have an existing XTRM account, you can view their wallet(s) as shown below. 

Example: search for company Acme and select "Wallets"

2. Company and Individuals names are automatically added to your beneficiary list when you pay them the first time or if they register via your branded signup page. Click "Beneficiaries" from the left menu to view your list of Individual or Company accounts as shown below. If they are not on your list, you may search and add them before payment. 

To view their wallet IDs, click on the drop-down arrow next to their account name as shown below. 

3. You can also find the wallet IDs under the "Reports" left menu.

     a. Select either "Beneficiary Company Accounts" or "Connected Company Accounts"  More Info

    b. Select wallets under the "Report" field to list all your company account wallets, as shown below.

Note, on this screen, you can view the complete list of beneficiaries or search by the company name under the "Beneficiaries" field.