How to:

1. Log in to your XTRM company account at

Note: If you previously submitted data at and were selecting your company name from the drop list, then you already have an XTRM company account. Your login is your email and if you don't know your password click on the 'Forgot password' when logging in at to reset. Once logged in continue with the steps below. 

2. Select 'Send' and choose 'Mass Payments'

3. You will need our mass payments submission template. Click the link 'submission template' to go to the template (also HERE). This template can be downloaded from google docs as an excel spreadsheet. Fill out the spreadsheet with payment information. We only need 4 columns completed in order to pay people to their digital wallets. All other fields are optional but will help with reporting. 

Note: that promoters submitting results for sporting events do not need to use this template - please send results as normal in editable format - i.e. not PDF


  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Payment Method
  • Amount
  • Currency


  • Full Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Payment Method
  • Company Name
  • Amount
  • Currency

Once you have filled out the spreadsheet please upload it for processing.

  • if the beneficiaries don't already exist (we reference by email) then they will be created on the fly and notified of the payment.
  • alternatively, you can have users pre-register at

4. To upload your payments spreadsheet click the button 'Upload mass payments file'

5. Choose the file (one or more) to upload. Select the program if the mass payment is part of a payment program. If there are any special instructions please enter them in the 'Additional Information' Field

Note for aggregators or agencies: If you are submitting a file on behalf of a customer, please select the customer from the 'Remitting Company' drop list. If you do not see this drop list, please email for access. If you do not see your customer in the drop list, please search on them and send a 'connect' request.  Once connected they will appear in this drop list.

6. Click submit. If there are sufficient funds in your account, we will process the payment file within 48 hours. If not, we will invoice you or you can click the 'Fund' link on the left to select an alternative wallet funding method.

Our responsibility

We receive your payment submission file and we confirm the total and send the invoice from

Your responsibility:

Pay invoice preferably via ACH or ACH Debit. Note that you can pre-fund your account which reduces the time to make payments since we don't have to wait for the monies.

Our responsibility

Once funds are received we fund your account and process the payment submission file which credits the recipients' XTRM digital wallet. From there users can transfer funds to their bank account, digital gift cards, prepaid Visa etc., they have the choice.


The overall delay between file submission and processing depends on how quickly the invoice is paid. But once the funds are received it's usually no more than 48 hours for processing to complete.