Firstly - dont worry! It is often for reasons that you can easily fix. 

As a company or individual, in order to use XTRM you are subject to standard global financial compliance rules. As such we may ask you to provide certain information in order to initially create an account with XTRM or subsequently to increase you identitly level and allow increases in amounts moved into and out of the XTRM system.

We received a decline email after registration. Why is that?

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Duplicate account
There is already a company or user account with this name or domain. Duplicate accounts are not allowed.XTRM uses one global account and multiple regional/currency wallets for all companies More InfoContact any of your manager or master admins to get access to the existing account
Email is a group or a consumer domain. Company accounts cannot use groups or consumer domains. It must be the email of a single person who typically has financial signoff for the company and the domain must be your company domain. Examples of non acceptable emails:
Consumer domains:

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Register again using a single authorized persons email with the domain for your company.
Compliance declineYour company showed up on a national database with a potential issue.The issue can be reviewed but we are not obliged to explain what the issue is in some circumstances. Contact XTRM Support