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XTRM Identity Levels (IDL) and Limits Overview for Personal Accounts

Increased Identity Level (IDL) will increase your Fund, Send, and Transfer limits. However, it does not affect your ability to receive payments in your wallets.

XTRM personal accounts have 4 distinct account identity levels:

Identity Level
Profile Completeness

# Identity Documents Uploaded
  1. Draft

Account creation initiated
0/1/2/3 of 3
  1. Basic

Increased Transfer Limits
0/1/2/3 of 3
  1. Standard

Increased Transfer Limits
2/3 of 3
  1. Advanced

Highest Transfer Limits

2/3 of 3

These are displayed in your profile.  Every profile field with the green tick (completed) or red cross symbol (missing data) contributes to the profile's completeness.

How to increase your account identity level. (IDL)

1) Goto the 'Profile' section of your account and complete every field in the 'Personal' and 'Contact' sections with a red cross next to them.


2) Complete 2 out of 3 of the following in the 'Personal' section:

1) Upload identity document photo (driver's license or passport) 

2) Link a bank 

3) Link a payment card (credit or debit card)

Note: These are global banking requirements that all financial institutions have to adhere to. We are required to collect an individual's information for anti-fraud purposes and companies, both authorized person and company information. We fully understand, respect, and adhere to all global privacy regulations, and we do not share information as per our strict privacy policy