How to add additional regional sub-accounts and admins to your company org. account.

If you want to give one or more local or regional employees login access either to assist you or because they manage a different part of your company or a different region or service, please follow these instructions. There are 4 levels of the administrator. 

  • Master          (Only 1 master admin globally - Typically a person with signatory authority on the XTRM financial account - often a person in finance or treasury)
  • Manager       (Unlimited number. Local or regional admins. )
  • Standard       (This is the default and most common access level. Unlimited number)
  • Suspended    (Admin access is suspended)

Within these 4 roles, specific access can be set to different functions and wallets. For detailed information on what the levels mean. Please go HERE

If you need to change the master admin details including email, please have them login to XTRM and change. If the master admin is no longer available, please email from the email that you want to use for the new master admin for assistance.

Note: Sometimes it may be necessary to use the same email for an admin that is already an admin for another company account. This is sometimes required for situations where an agency, ISV or third party needs access to your company account but they may have an account of their own or be also managing other company accounts.

1.  Log in to your Company account at

2.  Click on the 'Admin' Left Menu Link. Enter the new admin's details. 

4. After you click 'Create New Admin', an admin account will be created for this person and an email will be sent to them to activate the account - see below.

5. After the admin account is added, if you want to set specific access levels, use the 'Admin Role' and Access button to set specific access to functions and wallets. 

More info HERE