XTRM is a global multi-tenant payment system. This means we have one organization account (Org Acct.) for a company worldwide with separate sub-accounts (Sub Acct.) for regional subsidiaries and admins. The regional admins can create and separately manage their own sub-account profile, wallets and role based access as needed for their local requirments.

To Summarize:

  • Only one org acct is needed for your company globally. 
  • You can setup as many regional sub accts. to the org acct. as you like.
  • You can add as many regional admins as you like.
  • Wallet and service access is strictly controlled via security roles and settings.
  • Existing master or manager admins will need to add new regional admins. More Info

Master Admin Consideration:

One designated person, typically with signatory authority is designated the 'Master Admin' and should register the org Acct. with the company headquarter details i.e register ACME Inc HQ. and associated address (Not ACME Region 1 or ACME Region 2). If you are a company regional office, you will need to register you Org Acct first. This can be done at www.xtrm.com - choose company registration. If an org account already exists you will be notifed and asked to contact the existing admins to add you as an admin for your region. 

When considering who is to be the master admin for your company account, since XTRM is a financial services account regulated in the same way as a bank, we recommend you choose someone that has financial signatory approval for your company. This is often someone in the exec team or finance group. This person is not solely responsible for managing the account, but can delegate responsibility to regional managers (manager admins and standard admins).

Separation of access to wallets and funds is handled by account roles and security. Regional offices can have specific access to regional wallets and functions. It is identical to separate accounts from a compliance and security perspective but provides for global account management and reporting. It also simplifies onboarding times and ensures more accurate and faster payments whilst ensuring only the right people have access to the right funds and services.

Some key terms:

OrganizationThis is your global account worldwide. It has a unique Organization ID (OID) - the format is SPNXXXXXXXX.1
WalletsWithin an account you can have as many currency wallets as you like.Any
Master AdminThis is the key global contact. There is one master admin per global account. This person should typically be a person in finance or treasury with company signatory authority. This person has full access to all services. Admins have unique account ID's (AID) starting with SPAXXXXXXX.1
Manager AdminThese are trypically regional administrators. There can be any number of manager admins. These also have full access to all wallets and services and can create and manage standard admins. Admins have unique account ID's (AID) starting with SPAXXXXXXX.Any
Standard AdminThese are your regional program and wallet administrators. There can be any number of standard admins. Very granular access can be set to these admin types. Admins have unique account ID's (AID) starting with SPAXXXXXXX. See below.Any

✓ = Yes    X = No   O=Optional (Access Level Setting)

4 Admin Levels:
Master Admin
Manager AdminStandard AdminSuspended
Typical RoleSenior FinanceFinance, Department HeadDepartment ManagerN/A
# of Admins1Any numberAny numberAny Number
Login to Company Account
Delete Admins
Create Admins✓ XX
Suspend AdminsXX
Set Admin Access LevelsXX
Send Password Reset EmailsXX
Fund WalletsOX
Send FundsOX
Transfer Funds (withdraw)OX
Currency ExchangeOX
Create ProgramsOX
Link BanksOX
Create Edit ClaimsOX
Create Edit BeneficiariesOX
Create Edit Connected OX
Create Edit WalletsOX
View ClaimsOX
View ReportsOX
View BeneficiariesOX
View ConnectedOX
View WalletsOX

There are 4 template levels of access 

FullFull access to all features


Custom access to features
ViewView only access to wallets and features
LimitedLimited access to basic features

To set custom access levels, a master or manager admin can edit any admin and click on the Set Custom Access button

They are then taken to the screen to set custom access levels: