XTRM is a global multi-tenant payment system. This means we typically have one organization account for a company worldwide with separate secure logins for regional managers. 

If you have arrived at this page, you most likely already have a global company account but are seeking access to log in to that account. In this case, please contact any of your master or manager admins to request access. If you are not sure who they are you can email support@xtrm.com or you can ask your support or integration partner for the list.  If you came into XTRM via SSO you can click to request access and an email is sent to whoever you select.

You may need to have access to specific wallets based on currency or your region. You can request access to specific wallets and features from your master and manager admins. More info HERE.

More Details

Separation of access to wallets and funds is handled by account roles and security. Regional offices can have specific access to regional wallets and functions. It is identical to separate accounts from a compliance and security perspective but provides for global account management and reporting. It also simplifies onboarding times and ensures more accurate and faster payments whilst ensuring only the right people have access to the right funds and services.

Some key terms:

  • Company Account:  This is your global account worldwide. It has a unique account number SPNXXXXXXXX.
  • Master Admin:      This is the key global administrator. There is one master admin per global account.
  • Controller Admin:  These are your multi-regional or entity administrators. No limits 
  • Manager Admin:   These are your regional manager administrators.  No limits
  • Standard Admin:  These are your regional or program-specific administrators. No limits
  • Wallets:               Within an account, you can have as many currency wallets as you like.

           More info HERE

Onboard methods:

  • Register as www.xtrm.com
  • Register at <<yourcompanyname>>.xtrm.com
  • Automatically via first payment
  • Automatically via SSO


When onboarding your company we will check your company to ensure you are a legitimate company. 

Email and Domain:

The master admin must be a single person using an email domain that matches your company domain. Group emails such as marketing@acme.com for free email domains such as @gmail.com or @yahoo.com are not accepted. 

Company Profile:

As you complete your company profile, we will increase your identity level and increase the limits on payments.

Connected Accounts:

You can 'connect' to partners, customers and suppliers in order to view additional information and see additional transactions information