XTRM Identity Levels (IDL) and Limits Overview for Companies

XTRM accounts have 4 distinct account identity levels:

Identity level is set by the completeness of your identity profile. If you want to apply for advanced services such as making payments please complete your identity profile to 100%.

IMPORTANT FOR COMPANIES - ONLY the master admin can get the identity profile to 100% (Green). When completing their profile, managers and standard users are doing it for their regional office or regional legal entity (subsidiary), which does not contribute towards global compliance. The master admin should complete the identity profile using their HQ information (versus a regional office/entity info), increasing their identity level and increasing the fund, send, and transfer limits for all regions and users. They should also complete the advanced services profile if they need access to advanced services.

Identity Level
Identity Profile Completeness (Master Admin Login)


Account creation initiated
Email address


Receive payments. Limited transfer limits
Draft + First and last name, company name, and web address


Receive payments. Increased transfer limits.
Basic + Mobile and company phone number, business address, and a linked bank


Receive and make payments. High-volume payments and FX
Standard + Business tax ID # including uploads of a government photo ID, business tax doc and utility bill

These identity levels are displayed to company users and personal account owners in their profiles and settings. In addition, every profile field with an X or checkmark icon, depending on whether completed or not, contributes to the profile's completeness. 

Icons look like this:

Increased Identity Level (IDL) will increase your Fund, Send, and Transfer limits. However, it does not affect your ability to receive payments into your wallets.

How to increase your account identity level. (IDL) - Company Accounts

The identity level is set by completing the master admin profile only since they are considered the authorized account signatory for compliance purposes. Other regional admins can complete their profile, but it will not be applied to the compliance identity Level (IDL). 

Follow the below steps to complete your company profile 

1.  Select "Identity" on the left-hand menu and complete the four sections until all are noted as "Complete." 


2. Complete all fields for the "Organization Details." 

3. Upload the three mandatory documents.

  1. Government Photo Identification - to identify the account administrator
  2. Company Tax Document- to identify the company
  3. Utility Bill - to identify the physical address of the business

4. Lastly, link your bank account to finish the process. Once complete, your company's Identity Level (IDL) will be set to "Advanced."  COMPANY003 - How to link your bank account(s)  

How to increase limits even further than the default for Advanced Identity Level

Once your profile is 100% complete and on identity level is set to "Advanced," you can request even higher than the default limits by emailing us at support@xtrm.com.

Note: These are global banking requirements that all financial institutions have to adhere to. We must collect both authorized person and company information for anti-fraud purposes. We fully understand, respect, and adhere to all global privacy regulations, and we do not share information as per our strict privacy policy.