Payments can be grouped as a program. For example, you may be running a rewards program or making specific payments to one project and want to ensure all the reports let you filter and view the program or project name. 

To create programs, click the Settings Cog and the "Programs" tab. 

1. Here you can see a list of programs already created. You can set access to the specific program to turn it "on" or "off" to any partner or beneficiary company. This access feature only applies when using custom claims forms or our XTRM API. You can also turn programs off once they are no longer being used.

2.  Click "Create New Program" to create a new program and complete the form. Give the program a name, category, and type. If this program is to be used with a custom claims program, select yes for the claim required and the default claim payment amount. This is only default and can be overwritten by any claims form or API claim request.

3. Once created, click "Set Program Access" to set company access to the program. You can enable all or by company. 

4. Program names can be edited and if there are already payments applied to the program, the name will be changed on both the sending and the beneficiary payments. Programs with posted payments cannot be deleted.