To ensure your payments get processed quickly, it is important to keep your wallet balances positive. If they drop to zero, then processing will be paused until they are replenished. 

Low Balance Email Alert

Set low balance alerts on any of your wallets:

1. Log in to your company account

2. Click "Wallets" on the left menu

3. Click "Activity" for the wallet you want to set the low balance alert

4. Click "Edit" next to "Low Balance Alert" and set it to the amount below which you want to get an email alert. 

5. Click "Save" to save the alert threshold

Decide who gets the low wallet balance email alerts:

1. Click the settings icon top right

2. Click on "Email Alerts"

3. Select the admin for whom you want to turn on this email alert

4. Select the wallet 

5. Turn the "Low Account Balance alert" to ON for the selected admin

Note: You can view a sample of the email by clicking on the alert email code link "COMP017" see below