To ensure your partners, customers or reps get paid quickly, it is important to keep your account balances positive. If they drop to zero then processing will be paused until they are replenished. 

Low Balance Alerts

You can set a low balance alerts on an account by account basis to notify you when you need to fund. In order to do this see below.

1) Login to your company account

2) Goto 'Accounts' on the left menu

3) Select which account you want to set the low balance alert

4) Click 'Edit' next to 'Minimum Balance Alert' and set to the amount below which you want to get an email alert

To decide who gets the email alerts, set the recipient emails in 'Settings'

1) Click the icon top right

2) Click on 'Settings' link

3) Click on 'Email Alerts'

4) Turn the 'Low Account Balance alert' to ON

5) Edit the alert recipients and add as many peoples emails as you need.