Bank codes have different names depending on which country your bank account is located. Here is a list that will give you some guidance on which number to choose and how it is referred to in your country:

For US banks make sure you use the correct routing code. These can vary between ACH and Wire. If you use the wrong one - monies sent will be returned. 

Bank codes name by country: 

Country and CurrencyBank Code NameFormat
Australia (AUD)Bank State Branch or BSB

United Kingdom (GBP)Sort Code
Canada (CAD)Clearing Code0 + Bank Code + Transit or Branch Number

In the below example the bank code is


ie 00412345

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Unites States (USD)Routing NumberMake sure correct one. Some times US banks use different routing numbers for ACH versus Wire
VietnamSwift8 or 11 characters

Here is an example:


BKKB: Bank code
VN: Country code
VX: Location code
HAN: Bank branch code

What is a BIC/SWIFT code and why do I need it in some cases?

A BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is a unique identifier for a bank. The acronym SWIFT is for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

The correct code ensures that your money reaches your recipient's account at the bank. If you do not have this code for your recipient's bank, your recipient should check with their bank for an accurate BIC/SWIFT code.

The SWIFT/BIC consists of either eight or 11 characters: four letters identifying the bank, a two letter country code, two alphanumeric characters identifying the location of the bank, and sometimes three alphanumeric characters identifying a specific branch of the bank.