I transferred my funds using a bank transfer, but they have been returned. Why is that?

The most common reason is you incorrectly entered your bank details. Please login to your account and check they are correct. A single typo in the account number or bank code will mean the transfer will fail and be returned. It could take up to 10 days to be returned from the banks. 

Please make sure the bank details entered match the details on the bank account. If they do not match, the transfer could be returned. 

USA Specific - It says the routing (ABA) number is incorrect, but it is the correct one on my checkbook.

If it is a wire, sometimes banks have a different routing number (ABA) to the one on your checkbook (ACH routing number). Please check you are using the correct one for a Wire versus an ACH. You can call your bank or search using Google for routing numbers for your bank. 

Why did it take so long to be returned?

Banks handle ACH and wire transfers through a clearing system. The transfer still occurs if you incorrectly entered some information but is only rejected by the receiving bank once it arrives after 1 to 3 business days. Then it takes the banks 1 to 10+ business days to return it (unfortunately, this is not in our control). Once it is returned, we will credit your wallet. 

How do I correct my bank details? 

It is important to check and correct your bank details before transferring. Log in and go to "settings," then "bank accounts," delete the bank details, and re-add, carefully checking for errors.