Identity Documents (Minimum three required to complete profile):

In order to complete your organization profile to enable increased limits for funding, sending and transferring, plus get access to advanced services (such as global payments), we need to fully identify you and your company. This is standard banking compliance regulations for the purposes of anti-fraud and anti money laundering (AML). Please be assured all documents uploaded are secure and encrypted and used for the sole purpose of anti-fraud and AML.

XTRM Privacy Policy

Note: It is not required to upload these documents or to get your organization profile 100% complete in order to receive funds. However, if not complete, limits on amounts and frequency of transactions for transferring funds out of your account will apply.

Three documents required to complete profile, all of which can be uploaded online.

1. One document to identify you - a valid drivers license or passport.

2. One document to identify your company  - typically a tax document.

3. One document to identify the physical address of your business - typically a utility bill or similar.

Review Process

These documents will be reviewed by our compliance officers. Your account will be approved for advanced services and increased limits. This can take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days. Note, from time to time we may ask for additional documentation to clarify.