Standard digital wallets are typical money tracking and balance wallets designed for normal money movement between themselves. Anyone can pay into any of your digital wallets. You can have multiple wallets in any currency including multiple in the same currency so that you can separate out via budget or customer or partner. 

As a paying or beneficiary company, you can create as many wallets as you need in over 35 supported currencies. Once created you can move funds between wallets and currency exchange as needed.

A new wallet will have a unique wallet ID (WID) much like a bank account has a unique bank account number. 

To create a new wallet:

1. Login to your company Account

2. Click 'Wallets' in the left menu

3. Click the 'Create Wallets' button

4. Choose a name for your wallet and the currency. 

5. Optional - Associate a bank account with your wallet for direct payments. More Info