Our digital wallets provide visibility of all your inbound and outbound money flows making it easier for you to manage your transactions. XTRM remitters and beneficiaries can pay into any of your wallets. Company accounts can have multiple wallets in any currency, including numerous ones in the same currency, this provides you the ability to separate funds via budgets or customers, or partners. 

As a remitter or beneficiary company, you can create as many wallets as you need in over 38 supported currencies. Once created, you can move funds between wallets and instant wallet-to-wallet currency exchange.

A new wallet will have a unique wallet ID (WID), much like a bank account has a unique bank account number. 

To create a new wallet:

1. Log in to your Company Account

2. Click "Wallets" in the left menu

3. Click "Create Wallet" 

4. Choose a name for your wallet and select the currency

5. Assign the wallet to an entity. Only users with access to that entity can view/manage the wallet

6. Optional - Default a linked bank to the wallet for "Bank Direct" payments  More Info

7. Select whether secondary approval for bank transfers is required More Info

To Deactivate a wallet: 

1. Wallets can be deactivated or activated when required. No funds can be sent from or received into a wallet that has been deactivated

3. "Active" wallets are the defaulted view under the "Wallets" list, however, you can change the view from "Active" to "Deactive"

To Activate a deactive wallet: 

1. Navigate to "Wallets" and select "Deactive" from the drop-down.

2. Click "Activate" to add the wallet to the list of active wallets.