1. To transfer to your bank account, first, you must link your bank account:

a) Go to 'Settings' - Cog top right

b) Select the 'Linked Banks' tab and click the button 'Link Bank Account.'

2. USA customers can choose between Standard and Rapid bank transfer

3. For rapid bank transfer, link your bank account using your debit card details.

4. For standard bank transfer, link your bank account using your bank details.

c) Complete the form being very careful to enter correct bank account details. Errors can lead to transfers being returned up to 10 days later. If, in the end, the status says 'Pending' don't worry. Try deleting and relinking, and double-check the information you entered is correct. If it remains at 'Pending,' please check if it has been linked in 24 hours. If the information you provided is incorrect, we will alert you to update it. 

A formatting guide to help you link bank account can be found HERE

5. Click the 'Transfer' button to transfer your funds.

Now you have linked your bank account, select the 'Transfer' button. Follow the on-screen instructions to

transfer to your linked bank account. Rapid bank transfers are instant. Standard bank transfers take 1-7 

business days depending on where you live and your bank. Remember, banks don't operate at weekends

or holidays for bank transfers.

6. The transfer will show up in your bank account from XTRM Inc., similar to this, depending  

on your bank.

Rapid Bank Transfer

Standard Bank Transfer