Payments are typically sent directly to your wallets. However, if a remitter has decided to send payments directly to your bank, typically at your request, then you can set the default bank for those inbound wallet payments which means the payments will go to the wallet and then immediately be auto-forwarded to that default bank. 

Example: You want all EUR payments sent to a specific wallet directly forwarded to a specific linked bank. 

1. Let the remitter know you want to do this. It is called "Bank Direct."

2. Let the remitter know which wallet you want to be paid. 

3. Set the default bank for payment to that wallet to be auto-forwarded.

Note: If you request a bank direct and there is no bank linked to the wallet, then the payment will be deposited into your wallet. Please also note that for all "Bank Direct" payments, the payment will be sent to the wallet first and then instantly forwarded to the bank.

The default bank can be set during wallet creation or wallet editing.