XTRM Advanced Services approval is required for remitters who will fund their wallets and process global payments.

It is not required to receive payments. To apply for XTRM Advanced Services, you must complete the online application. This requested information is required for banking and regulatory compliance. All companies wanting to use XTRM's Advanced Services must be verified as required by law. XTRM is regulated the same way banks are.  These regulations are for your financial safety and to reduce risk. All information provided is used purely for financial and regulatory purposes and is not used for marketing in any way. 

Note: If you are a company manager, you can complete this on behalf of your connected customers and partners.

The completion of the "Identity profile is required to establish the company's Identity Level (IDL) as "Advanced" or 100% completed before gaining access to the "Advanced Services Application"

"Advanced Services Application" can be accessed from the Identity or Home screens.

Choose your country and indicate whether you intend to send payments exclusively within the USA or internationally. Opt for the "International" option if you plan to send both USA and international payments. Please be aware that the forms will differ based on the country and its regulatory specifications.

The approval process for domestic applications may require 1 to 5 business days, while international applications may take up to 2 weeks. The timeframe is contingent on factors such as the company, geographic location, business model, and market