Managing Your Beneficiaries (i.e., customers or partners)

As you payout to companies and individuals, they are automatically added to your "Beneficiaries" list. You can also search, add and create new ones that don't have an XTRM account. We recommend they register at since the data will be the most accurate.

To add new company beneficiaries (downstream customers or partners), simply search for their company name. If you find them, click on the "Add" button. If they don't exist, click the "Add New Company Beneficiary" button to add them. You will be taken to a screen to complete their company details.

Since you created them, they will also be "Connected" to you and appear on the Connected screen—more Info.

Screen to Add New Beneficiary (Customer or partner)

When filling out the "Company Beneficiary" details page (see above), use a genuine business email for the company contact, which includes their domain, i.e., Avoid using generic emails like since this can cause compliance issues later.

Once added, the master admin you enter will be notified by email to let them know they have a new company account. They can set their password and log in. They should then make sure all their company data is correct. We recommend they also add their mobile number for added security.

Branded company XTRM registration

Note that if you use a branded signup page to XTRM (i.e., at, all beneficiaries you add will show up in the drop list on that personal signup page.