A bank debit is when funds are pulled from your company's bank account. This allows your company to easily fund your wallets using a bank debit, which involves pulling funds from your bank account. We would contact your financial institution and request to pull the funds on your behalf, saving you the hassle and fees of initiating the transfer from your bank or bank portal via ACH credit or wire.  Bank debit differs from when you transfer the funds via ACH credit or wire to us, where you must initiate the transfer from your bank or bank portal. 

When linking your bank does not work via Plaid, please link manually.

1. Click "Banks" and select "Link Bank Account."

2. Under “Fund From Bank,” click on “Try manual method."


3. Enter the company's bank account details

4. Click on "Submit Request." This will trigger two small microdeposits into your linked bank account

5. Please check your bank account for two small amounts and return to this screen below to "Verify." Note the deposits in your bank account can take up to 3 business days. 

6. Enter the amounts received below and click "Verify" to complete your bank link to fund your wallet via Bank Debit.