Receive money using XTRM AnySource™

XTRM AnySource™ allows companies to process low volume or mass inbound payments from customers and partners via Bank Debit, Wire, or Payment Cards* from anywhere in the world in any currency. The XTRM platform and APIs allow your connected customers and partners to easily accept inbound payments to fund personal or business wallets. Once funded, our intelligent wallet options are nearly limitless. Use it for fast and flexible ways to process inbound mass bank or card payments* into your web or mobile business application, making onboarding and settlement easy. 

Our intelligent architecture simplifies mass inbound bank payments in 36 currencies or USD card payments. It facilitates currency exchange with over 140 currencies while enabling you to pass payments through to your partners or end-customer payees in the manner you determine via XTRM Direct™ or, as they prefer using XTRM Choice™. Address aggregated business models, including payments on behalf of your customers or affiliates, through our intelligent connected account architecture.

*Payment Card processing is currently in limited-release Beta.