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Company Overview 

Since 2012 XTRM has changed the way companies make global payments. Through industry knowledge, automation, and advanced technology, XTRM brings significant ROI and process automation to all the parties involved from the individual payment recipient right up to multi-national Global 100 companies. XTRM was founded in 2012 by Richard Grogan-Crane.

Global Payment Platform 

XTRM is a powerful global payment platform and embedded API powered by an intelligent digital wallet architecture that allows consumers and companies of all sizes to receive, manage and make any type of B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B global payments. XTRM provides multiple mass payment collection, management and transfer options and allows the broadest choice of cash and non-cash global payment options such as ACH, Wire, VISA Debit Cards, Virtual Visa, PayPal and over 100 multinational digital gift cards. XTRM supports over 140 global currencies allowing any kind of currency payments and currency exchange to individuals and companies anywhere in the world, whilst ensuring complete domestic and international tax and security compliance and adherence to all financial and legal regulatory requirements such as SOX , KYC, and AML compliance. XTRM allows developers to integrate the intelligent wallet architecture into any web or mobile application as a completely white labelled solution.  Check out XTRM facts HERE

History of XTRM


XTRM Launches AnyPay 8.0  and XTRM API  V4.3.  Over 4500 global companies use XRM. Added new 'Manager Accounts' feature.


XTRM Launches AnyPay 7.2  and XTRM API V3, V4 and V4.2.  Over 2500 global companies use XRM. Added new 'Aggregated Accounts' feature. 


XTRM Launches AnyPay 7.0 and XTRM API V3, V4 and V4.1. Increases customers by 100%. Over 6000 global companies use XRM. 

XTRM increases revenue by 300%. Expand payments methods to global EFT and WIRE. XTRM AnyPay launched.  XTRM AnyPay 6.0  launched. New customers include Tintri, Gigamon, NetApp, Tripwire, Alien Vault and more.

XTRM Launches  XTRM AnyPay 5.0 advanced. New customers include Pernix Data, Talaris Networks, Simplivity. XTRM Launches new responsive corporate website plus User 5.2. XTRM Launches Global Virtual VISA as a new payment method. New customers include Adroll, Acronis, VMWare, Intel, Logitech and Sony.


XTRM launches XTRM AnyPay 3.0 New customers include Nvidia, Marketsar and HP.


XTRM launches XTRM AnyPay 2.0  with enhanced mobile capability. Includes advanced reporting and PayPal Mass Payments Integration

XTRM launches XTRM AnyPay 1.0, a new global payments platform.

Key Company Facts

  • Over 4500 worldwide companies using XTRM
  • Payments made to over 120 countries
  • ~ 50 XTRM Employees in 3 countries
  • No venture or private equity funding
  • Profitable since 2013 (One year after founded)

Contact us on 1.866.367.9289, email sales@xtrm.com or click HERE to send us your info and we will contact you .