XTRM Connect™ allows companies to easily submit data using a batch method to XTRM for payment processing. The XTRM Connect ™ submission service comprises two methods of submitting payment information to XTRM for processing, simple file submission or using a custom XTRM Connector:

SIMPLE Method 1.  

XTRM Connect™ Batch submission. Simple file transfer via your company account or our secure submission portal at www.xtrmconnect.com

This allows you to easily submit payments for anyone simply be submitting your payment file. For example, you want to pay 50 different people all working at different companies. You can extract all the required information from your own systems (Salesforce, Oracle, Vartopia, Relayware, Channeltivity, Impartner and more) as a TXT, XLSX or CSV file using the file spec as defined on the XTRM Connect Submission page. You can then simply submit the file for processing. See HERE for how to submit data. You can track payment status and transaction details in your online XTRM company account. The standard file format for submission can be found HERE.

ADVANCED Method 2.  

Using a custom XTRM Connector

This is aimed at companies that want to integrate payments into your existing systems such as Salesforce or Oracle or any home built system. This can be done from the beginning or after the simple method has been deployed to further automation. Click HERE for the full more information.