If there is a requirement to have a secondary person approve a transfer from a specific wallet, this can be turned on when creating or editing a wallet. 

Steps to turn on and use secondary approval:

  1. Create or edit an existing wallet
  2. Set 'Require Transfer Approval' to YES. Once set, only the master admin and person setting it can turn it off.
  3. Edit and set amount above which transfer approval is required
  4. Select those admins that can approve. It can be one or more.

If an admin transfers money out of a wallet designated as requiring secondary approval, they will see the screen below and have to click on the 'Submit Transfer Request' button.

After making a transfer request, the transfer will appear as pending, and any designated approvers will be notified to approve via email and an alert notification in their login.

Any approvers that receive the approval request can log in and view the wallet and the pending transfer request transaction. They can then view the pending transaction details and click the button to approve the transfer. 

After approving the funds will be transferred to the bank.

The transaction will move from pending to completed.