XTRM uses one-time passcodes (OTP), sometimes known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), during login and certain transactions such as bank transfers for additional security. These are sent via email or text if the user or company has their mobile number in their profile. 

One-time passwords are sent instantly and expire after a short period of time.

If you are not getting the option to have them texted to you, then please add your mobile number to your profile.

If it arrives via email and doesn't work since timed out, that is due to your email provider or your internal company system slowing down the email. We send them instantly. If you can log in, then add your mobile to your profile to allow sending via text. If not, then email us at support@xtrm.com and request we add you mobile you your profile.

One-time passwords are also required to confirm transfers.

One Time Password (OTP) or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is defaulted to OFF for all accounts. Note that logging in from a different IP address will prompt you for an OTP.  For added security, companies and individuals have the option to enable this feature to ON, which will prompt an OTP at every login.