If you didn't receive the email to redeem your Virtual Visa, MasterCard, or Digital Gift Card, please follow the following steps.

1. Check your spam folder for the redemption email. 

2. Please make sure your company hasn't blocked emails from no_reply@notifications.xtrm.com 

3. You can resend the email by logging in, going to transaction details, and clicking the link to resend. (see below)

4. If none of the above works, please email support@xtrm.com, and we can resend it to another email address. You should change the email to receive future redemption emails in your settings to one that works. (See the last screenshot)

How to change the email used for your redemption emails.

1. Click the "Settings" cog, found at the top right.

2. Click "Payment Accounts" in the top menu

3. Edit the relevant email addresses.