XTRM Partner Program (XPP)

If you are a:

  • Systems Integrator
  • SaaS Company
  • VAR or Reseller
  • Outsourced Development Organization
  • Independent Developer

And want to resell, refer or integrate with our payment solution, please email us at partner@xtrm.com, call us on 1.866.367.9289 or click HERE and fill out the form. 

1.  XTRM Partner Revenue Share

Generate revenue through our rev share program 

More info HERE

2. Resell XTRM AnyPay™ as your own branded platform for offering global rewards and payouts. 

Resell the XTRM Pay™ platform as your own. Make money from our revenue share program plus your own markup or services fees.

Product features Info HERE

3. The XTRM Connect™ Integration Platform

Get access to XTRM Connect™ and the XTRM API(XAPI) to enable data submission via simple file transfer or advanced software integration.

More Info HERE

More Info: Contact us on 1.866.367.9289, email partner@xtrm.com or click HERE to send us your info, and we will contact you.