SPIF Payment Overview (Athlete Payments Overview click HERE)

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Global SPIF Payments

Use XTRM to manage channel SPIF payments awards and payouts to both individual sales reps or company-wide. Use our advanced platform to self-serve and payout quickly and securely. 
The XTRM AnyPay platform allows companies to use performance and sales data received from channel partners to pay channel sales individuals with rewards and incentive promotional payouts. Transactions are tracked securely and accurately allowing you and the channel partners to all have a unique view of the data to track accuracy and payment transactions

Payment Data

Payment data is collected in a wide range of formats and used to pay individuals or partner companies. Every transaction is carefully tracked and the individuals can log in to their own online account to check payment details


Automatically push data from your existing PRM, ERP or SFA such as SFDC, systems integrator or manually via spreadsheets, XML or for advanced users using our XTRM Mass Payments API (XAPI) into XTRM to automate and process the payments

Payout Options

Payouts to channel partners or individual sales personnel with withdrawal options to a bank via EFT or Wire, Virtual Visa, Plastic Prepaid Visa, Digital Gift Cards or Visa Debit

Secure and Tracked

Highly secure cloud environment. Track payouts by individual or company. Quickly identify and resolve payments issues. 



XTRM allows global payments in any currency


XTRM ensures complete Tax compliance and adherence to all financial and legal regulatory requirements such as SOX compliance. Tax management includes services such as US 1099-K submission and more