1. Fund Fees

These fees are for approved Advanced Services companies that fund their wallets for the purpose of making payments. 

 Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
ACH Debit
Credit or Debit Card*

MethodACHWireACH PullCard Transfer
Geographical CoverageGlobal
FeeZeroZeroZero3.4% + $0.25


* Limited use

2. Transfer Fees

These are the fees to transfer money out of your XTRM wallet to another financial institution, a Virtual Visa or MasterCard debit card, a check, or a gift card. 

Standard Bank Transfer
Rapid Bank Transfer
Bank Check
Virtual and Plastic Visa or Gift Card
 Currency Exchange Fee (FX)

Method optionsEFT (Electronic Fund Transfer such as ACH, Wire, SEPA, etc.)Instant bank transfer using a linked debit cardCheck mailed to individual or business Instant transfer to a Visa virtual debit card or a gift card
Currency Conversion
Geographical coverageGlobal
Fee Low-value free *  High-value $6.00 USD for individuals
$10.00 USD for companies

 1.25% + $0.25 capped at $15.00 USD$5.00 USD Zero

XTRM Choice: low-value method is free, high-value $6.00 USD for individuals and $10.00 USD for companies accounts


XTRM Direct: low-value method is $15.00 USD and high-value $25.00 USD (equivalent in domestic currency)

* Other transfer fees may apply for non-local currency bank linking. 


XTRM uses the lowest-cost method to transfer your funds to a financial institution. If the currency and country are one of our listed low-value (LV) transfer options, your bank will link as low-value (LV). If it is not, it will link as a high-value (HV), and a capped fee will apply (see above). We are constantly adding to our list of low-value (LV) methods to ensure the lowest-cost method for your transfers. List of low-value currencies and countries: Bank transfer fees by local currency