Manager services are available to our manager-designated partners. If you would like access to these advanced features listed below, please contact your account manager. 

Manager Service
MANAGER001Link Connected BankRequest feature access
Delete connected company or individual banks 
Request feature access 
Edit connected individuals email 
Request feature access 
MANAGER004Edit connected individuals employer Request feature access 
MANAGER005Submit connected company mass payment file Request feature access 
MANAGER006Edit connected company logo Request feature access 
MANAGER007Set connected company alert recipientsRequest feature access 
MANAGER008Configure connected company SSO  Feature under review
MANAGER009Customize connected company alert emails Request feature access 
MANAGER010Submit the advanced profile for the connected company Request feature access 
MANAGER011Get connected company funding bank detailsRequest feature access 
MANAGER012Create connected company wallets Request feature access 
MANAGER013View connected company transfers Request feature access 
MANAGER014View connected company sends Request feature access 
MANAGER015Create connected company fund request Request feature access 
MANAGER016Connect personal account to your company Request feature access 
MANAGER017Add or update mobile number for connected individualRequest feature access