What is the XTRM Partner Program?

The XTRM Partner Program (XPP), enables partners to offer the XTRM Pay™ platform to their customers and generate an additional revenue stream. XTRM AnyPay™ in conjunction with XTRM Connect™ allows partners to offer a global payment service to their customers for paying out rewards. You can present it as part of your offering knowing that their customer can choose from a wide variety of payment methods such as Virtual Visa, Plastic VISA, Digital Gift Cards, Global Paypal, and XTRM AnyPay without having to worry about the complexity and cost associated with setup, configuration and tax issues related to domestic and global payments. If you are an ISV and would like technology integration to provide an even more seamless end user experience, using XTRM Connect™ you can integrate into your current offering as a simple light integration such as file transfer or more deeply whilst maintaining you or your customers brand identity.

What is my commitment?

There is is no cost to join or minimum commitment in terms of payouts.

How much do I charge my customers for this service?

The list service fee is 10% of payout. As a reseller you may have to negotiate that fee with the end user customer bearing in mind the lower the fee the less rebate you get.

What does the ‘service fee’ include?

The fee is a simple ‘pay as you go’ full service fee and includes:

  • Access to all global payout options

  • Access to XTRM Connect™ web site and service to submit payment data

  • Access to XTRM Connect™ API (XAPI) to submit payment data, SSO, account create and more.

  • Secure Transaction tracking and reporting

  • Access to online site for tracking and reporting

  • End user support

  • Tax management (1099 etc)

There are no additional fees.

How do I make money via the program?

The partner program allows you to offer the payment service and then collect payments based on amount processed per quarter.

Here are the rates and payments assuming an agreed fee of 10% to the end customer.

Annual Payout Volume

Customer Fee

Your Payment Rate

Your Actual Payment

0 - $1M




$1M - $2M




> $2M


The fees we charge the customer (‘Customer Fee’ Column) is a flat percentage of the amount we process for payout regardless of the payout method they chose. We invoice the customer the payout amount and append our fee.

The good news it you get to share in that fee. (‘Your Actual Payment’ column) plus charge whatever extra fees for services you like.


Customer pays out $250K

You receive a payment of 2.0% x $250,000 = $5000

Customer pays out $1.2M

You receive a payment of 2.0% x $1,000,000 = $20,000 plus 2.5% x $200,000 = $5000

Total = $25000

How long do the payments last?

Your payments last indefinitely for active customers for reseller deals and one year for referral deals.

What is unique about XTRM?

  • No setup fees.

  • No integration fees.

  • Single flat % service fee regardless of payment method.

  • Global multi currency service

  • Single partner for all payout types

  • Tax management

  • You or customers brand maintained.

How do I sign up?

For more information and to signup please email partner@xtrm.com click HERE or call 1.866.367.9289 option 2

How do I register an opportunity?

Please go HERE to register any opportunities you come across.

How do I demo XTRM?

Please go HERE for information on how to demo XTRM.