Virtual Card Cancellation Policy

We understand errors happen. In that event, we provide the ability to cancel cards in minimal instances. However, please note that cancellations are never guaranteed, however we will do our best to fulfill cancellation requests.

The cancellation policy applies to both issued digital cards and bulk code purchases.

Cards that can be cancelled (incurs a cancellation fee):

• Reward Link (all currencies)

• Prepaid Visa and MasterCard (all currencies)

Exceptions: Cards physically delivered to recipients, redeemed, or partially used are ineligible for cancellation.

All direct merchant and retail brands are final sales and can not be returned, cancelled, or exchanged.


• Per card cancellation fee: $25

• Maximum cancellation fee: $250 per order

Information needed to cancel a card:

Send this information to your customer success manager:

• Reason for cancellation

• Order ID (examples: 117-XXXXXXXXXX or RA170418-4138-60)

• Card amount

• Card type

Please note that we do not guarantee the cancellation of rewards.