Connected Accounts Overview

XTRM allows companies to manage multiple customers or partners by 'Connecting' to them.  The relationship is a 'master' and 'slave' relationship. There are 2 ways for a master account to connect to a slave account.

1) Create the slave company account from the 'Connected' menu item. Search for the slave account first and if they don't exist you can create them. If they do exist, you can request to manage their account. An email is sent to their master admin to approve the request.

2) Create the slave company account using the XTRM API. Once you have created them they will be listed in the 'Connected' table in your master company account.

Once a master is connected to a slave company, they have the following access via the XTRM user interface.

  • Access to view authorized slave wallet balances
  • Access to view transactions only between their master account wallets and the slave accounts wallets or slave account wallets to user wallets
  • Access to view the slave account employee list
  • Access to view and link bank accounts to the slave account account

Moving funds between master and slave wallets is accomplished in the normal manner using the 'Send' option.

Slave accounts have the ability to revoke your access at any time by clicking 'Disconnect' in the Connected account page.