XTRM has the concept of different types of digital wallet.

Standard (Most Common)

Standard digital wallets are typical money tracking and balance wallets designed for normal money movement between themselves. Anyone can pay into any of your standard digital wallets. You can have multiple standard wallets in any currency including multiple in the same currency so that you can separate out via budget or customer or partner. 

Accruals (Rare - will be discontinued Jan 2021)

Accruals wallets  can be funded by one other company. This is very useful for funds that require approval before being spent. For example you might create an accruals wallet and give funding access to a manufacturer to pay MDF funds. These funds cannot be spent until moved to a standard wallet upon approvals. Reminder:  If you create an accruals account and another company transfers money to it, you will not be able to access those funds until that company approves withdrawal.