To demonstrate or trial XTRM, goto HERE

There are 3 account types to demonstrate. Use the login credentials below and you will be logged into those account types. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are asked to authenticate - please choose 'email' and then go to HERE to retrieve the access code email. Enter XTRMDEMO on the mailinator home page to retrieve the email with the access code.

1) Company Remitter - An account for a company that wants to make global payouts for any reason (Incentives, Referrals, Employee, Supplier etc) More Info

Remitter Account

Login username: democompany

Login Password: Democompany1

2) Company Beneficiary - A company account for a company that receives global payouts either directly or to their employees. This might be a partner or a supplier for example.

Beneficiary Company Account

Login username: demopartner

Login Password: Demopartner1

3) Personal Beneficiary  - An account for users to receive money and transfer it to wherever they want. More Info

Personal Account

Login username: demouser

Login Password: Demouser1

Demo & Training Videos

XTRM Concepts: Understanding different registration account types

XTRM How To: Understanding different cash and non cash account types

Companies - How to create and manage programs

Companies - How to view and process claims

Companies - How to transfer money to your business bank account or PayPal