1. To transfer to your bank account, first you must link your bank account:

a) Go to 'Settings' - Cog top right

b) Select 'Linked Banks' tab and click button 'Link Bank Account'

c) Complete the form being very careful to enter correct bank account details. Errors can lead to transfers being 

returned up to 10 days later. If at the end the status says 'pending', don't worry. The bank will be linked within 24 hours. 

2. Click 'Transfer' button to transfer your funds.

Now you have linked your bank account select 'Transfer' button. Follow the on screen  instructions to transfer to 

your linked bank account. Bank ACH transfers takes 2-5 business days. 'Wire' transfers take 1-3 business day 

depending on where you live. Remember banks don't operate at weekends for ACH or Wire bank transfers.