Individuals with XTRM personal accounts can search and add a company as their employer. When they do this, the company master admin gets notifed by email that that person has added themselves as an employee. The master admin and other admins can review and leave or remove them as an employee as required. 

Thre benefit of individuals listing themslves as employees is that they willl now show up in your company payment reports. 

As a company admin for your company, you can login to your company account and see those reports that show detailed transactions for your employees. 

1) Login and go to reports left menu item

2) Select 'Received' drop list. 

3) Select by person. 

4) Select specific remitter or display all vendors.

That will display all transactions and rewards received by your companies' employees from vendor Acme in example below. You can select a variety of different reports from the report droplist.