There are 2 methods to submit mass payments data to XTRM. 

(This includes results for sports promoters)

You can submit up to 5000 records in one file:

Option 1)

1. Login to your company account, click on 'Send'

2. Select Mass Payments

3. Follow instructions to upload your mass payments spreadsheet

Option 2)

Use the XTRM connect batch data submission portal at

1. Type and select your company name (make sure you have created a company account)

2. Choose data files to submit. You may add as many files as you like.

3. Check the confirmation email is correct, you can change it if not

4. If you account needs funding to cover the payouts, enter the purchase order number if known so we can invoice you for the payout amount.

5. Enter any special instructions

6. Click SUBMIT 

You can login to your company account and check the processing status of your Connect submissions at any time.