VIN or Serial won't validate??


XTRM is required by certain manufacturers to not pay riders when the VIN  information provided cannot be validated against their records.


Please read below carefully.


If  you are having problems validating your VIN/Serial # in XTRM. The most likely reasons are:


1) Vehicle is new with no previous owner: If purchased within 1 or 2 weeks, your VIN may not validate until this warranty information is updated in the manufacturers system which can take up to 2 weeks. Please try again after that period. You can always call the dealership to make sure they submitted the correct warranty information to the manufacturer.

2) You have typed it in incorrectly. Make sure you have it exactly right. For example, dont confuse zero's with O's.


Please note we can still retroactively pay you for up to 4 weeks AFTER an event if get your VIN validated within that time period.