To demonstrate or trial XTRM, goto HERE

There are 3 account types to demonstrate. Use the login credentials below and you will be logged into those account types.

1) Company - An account for a company that wants to make global payouts for any reason (spif,bonus,MDF, rebates, payments for services etc) More Info

Enterprise Account

Login username: democompany

Login Password: Democompany1

2) Channel Partner - A partner admin account for a company that receives global payouts either directly or to their employees. More Info

Express Account

Login username: demopartner

Login Password: Demopartner1

3) Personal  - An account for users to receive money and transfer it to wherever they want. More Info

Personal Account

Login username: demouser

Login Password: Demouser1

Demo & Training Videos

XTRM Concepts: Understanding different registration account types

XTRM How To: Understanding different cash and non cash account types

Companies - How to create and manage programs

Companies - How to view and process claims

Companies - How to transfer money to your business bank account or PayPal

How to - How to Add Partners to your company account