We have a 4 step process for rapid implementation. Implementation is FREE.

Contact us on 1.866.367.9289, email or click HERE to send us your info and we will contact you. 

1. Company Account Create

We create a 'Company' account for you to login at You can have one master admin and then as many employees within you organization as you like with access.

2. Import/collect your data

Options include:

Option 1: Import your partners (if they aren't already in our system)

Option 2: We create you a branded signup page <<>> and have them self register

Option 3: We use your existing system to create accounts via SSO

3. Choose payment data submission method

We review your current systems for data collection and implement the most secure and automated method for passing data to XTRM in whatever format it is in. We have 3 main options. 

Option 1:  Simple Batch via file submission at

Option 2:  Advanced Batch via connectors that extract data from your systems (such as SFDC) on a scheduled basis

Option 3:  Using our payments API (XAPI).

4. Test Process 

We fully test payments in a sandbox environment before going live.