What is XTRM AnyPay™ for Companies -

XTRM AnyPay™ for companies is a powerful cloud-based, secure payment platform for any size of business. Regardless of whether you send or receive payments of  $250 or $25M and in any currency, XTRM AnyPay™ replaces any outdated, slow and tedious manual payment processing such as sending checks or using older and more expensive banking payment systems and makes all payments easy to manage, secure and error free. It provides a wide range of global payout options to individuals or companies whilst managing all the security, compliance and tax issues, all in one simple 'pay as you go' fee. XTRM offers preferred exchange rates that will save you a lot of money compared to more traditional banks or other FX companies. XTRM AnyPay™ launched in 2016 makes the user experience even better by allowing the recipient to choose his or her method of payment.

Manage Payments for Incentives, Contractors, Referrals, Health Care,  Athletes..  anything!

Make and manage payments for anything you like via your personal or business account. Make single payments or even mass payments via simple file transfer, integration with your internal or cloud system or for companies with developer skills or ISV's  using our payments API - XAPI.

Multiple Payment Solutions -

Payouts to individuals or companies using XTRM's industry unique AnyPay platform. This allows the recipient to choose their preferred payment method including cash to a Virtual VISA card, a VISA backed debit card, Digital Gift Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin or Reward Points.

Integration - 

Automatically push and pull data from your existing SalesForce system, ERP systems, systems integrator or manually via spreadsheets, XML. Advanced users can use our Mass Payments API to even further automate and process the payments.

Tax Management - 

Fees include all regulatory global tax reporting and regulatory compliance for payment data submissions.

Secure and Tracked -

Highly secure cloud environment. Track payouts by individual or company. Quickly identify and resolve payments issues.


Global -

XTRM AnyPay™ allows transfer of funds to any user anywhere in the world in any currency. Users can choose how to receive their money in any currency and by whatever their preferred method such as ACH, Wire, Prepaid Virtual Visa, PayPal or Digital Gift Cards.

How much does it cost?

A simple 'pay as you go' fee. No monthly fees. No setup fees. For fee info go HERE.

Contact us on 1.866.367.9289, email sales@xtrm.com or click HERE  to send us your info and we will contact you.