XTRM AnyPay for Channel Partners 

What is XTRM Pay ™ for Partners?
XTRM Pay™ for partners is aimed at channel partners qualifying for sales and athlete performance awards, SPIF bonuses, rebates, claims and promotions from vendors. All channel partners receiving or processing performance awards for themselves or their employees or customers are required to become a secure ‘Trusted Partner’ and have an activated XTRM Pay™ company account. All activated channel partners will receive the XTRM Pay™ trusted partner approval and badge for their site and access to their XTRM account to receive, review, validate and process awards if required. They will also have access to all the advanced reporting to track all reward payouts and redemptions for their employees. 

Why does a partner that is receiving rewards from a vendor need a XTRM Pay™ Partner account?

Many vendors leverage the XTRM cloud platform to manage and process performance awards, SPIF, MDF, Rebates promotions and payouts. This requires a very secure and controlled environment to avoid any fraudulent or inaccurate payouts. In order to ensure the quality of channel partner, being supported by the manufacturers, and to improve the automation and processing, channel partners will need to have trusted partner status and a valid account.

How do my employees get rewards?

Each of your employees receive rewards directly to their Personal accounts. You can see all the transaction for you employees by logging into your Company account.

What if I want the rewards to be paid directly to my partner company, not the individuals.

No problem, we can credit you partner cash account with the total amount and you can move the funds into your bank account for distribution internally.

How much does it cost channel partners to use.

It is free. 

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